Lodger is a drifting art space existing online & in alternative, transitory settings in Kansas City, Missouri. These sites may include vacant storefronts, domestic spaces, garages, abandoned buildings & gallery partnerships. 

The curatorial spirit of Lodger is unconventional, playful & adaptable. This is not art 60-from-center on eggshell white walls. This is art hung with black leather straps, this is leaning casually, this is scotch tape to the window. This is not objects in vitrines atop white pedestals. This is the object at home on cracked wicker, the object on milk crates, on reclaimed plywood supported by roadside pylons. These will be thoughtful, but carefree exhibits. These will be urgent exhibits.

The Lodger will lodge and then be on their way. 

Lodger is committed to working with artists of all career stages, all abilities, perspectives & backgrounds. The aim is to break down the traditional barriers between so-called art circles, creating a new spirograph of Venn diagrams. Authenticity, passion & soul are principles valued over pedigree. Lodger is both, & neither highbrow and/or lowbrow. Lodger is unibrow. 


5 February 2021 - 5 March 2021

PIVOT - Francisco Gabuardy & Fredy Gabuardy, Beco Gallery, Kansas City, MO

19 December 2020 - 16 January 2021

SHAPE SHIFTERS - Cesar Lopez, Kylie McConnell, Dylan Sanchez / Troost Gardens, Kansas City, MO

1 December 2020


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