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A Little Undefined at Agnes Arts, Kansas City, Missouri
22 October 2021 - 18 December 2021

A Little Undefined brings together 25 artists form all over the US and Europe in a survey of small format abstraction. The exhibition was staged in two unfinished rooms at the end of a hallway in Agnes Arts studios, Kansas City, Missouri. These artworks are a celebration of visual poetry, in conversation with each other and with the site. While each piece may be minute in size, they are respectively grand in concept, composition, and surface treatment. 

Emily Cox writes on A Little Undefined for The Pitch, "Stumbling upon this space evokes a sense of enchantment and sacredness. On the unpainted drywall and cinder block walls there’s an esoteric mix of artworks, some lower and higher on the wall, drawing your eyes up and down, small pieces drawing you in close. You may find yourself with a light of curiosity in your belly; you may find yourself gasping at the whimsy, at the textures. ...a room full of treasures, all elevated in their relationship to one another. It is refreshing to see not just artists from Kansas City exhibited alongside artists from Luxembourg and Florida, but also to see neurodivergent artists exhibited alongside neuronormative ones." 

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